Teri's Dental Office Toys
Teri's Dental Office Toys

Teri’s Dental Office Toys

How To Use Premium Toys To Grow Your Dental Practice.

Teri's Toys is a professional service that provides toys for your dental office "Treasure Box". But, not the usual toys! Most other dental office toy boxes are filled with little trinkets, stickers and cheap giveaways that don't make it much further than the car. We provide you with larger, better quality dental office toys that your younger patients really get excited about!

Dental Office Toys

Are the kids in your dental practice excited to come see you?

How excited would they be if, at the end of their appointment, they would be invited to help themselves to a GREAT TOY from your treasure box. A REAL TOY like the ones in the toy store! What a great incentive for them to have a good appointment with you, too!

Your young patients will not forget your Treasure Box!

It is the last thing they remember when they leave your office, and the first thing they think of when they return!

We welcome medical and Ophthalmology Offices too!

More and more medical and Ophthalmology offices are using our toys in their offices with great success! Click the link above to find out more info.

What a great marketing tool for your dental practice!

"Kids tell their friends. Parents tell their friends. You won't believe the referrals we get from having this treasure box in our office"

~ Dr. B, Dentist, Orange Co, CA

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