About Us

Teri, founder of Teri’s Toys, is a wife and mother of four. Her husband was a dentist in Orange Co, Calif. for 30 years.

In his busy family practice, keeping young patients happy was always a top priority. When the staff began stocking the dental office treasure box with bigger, nicer toys, it was hard not to notice the difference it made!

The staff and doctor loved the response of the kids, who had a much more positive dental experience! They were able to use the toys as a great incentive for a successful appointment.

About Us - Teri's Dental Office Toys

Kids were thrilled with the assortment of fun toys, and left the office excited and happy. Parents loved it that their kids were actually enthused about their next dental appointment! And it was interesting to see that the practice was getting referrals due to their new and improved toy box!

Teri decided to share this success with other dental offices and has spent the past 5 years building Teri’s Toys. Her goal has been to find the very best quality and most diversified variety of toys at the most inexpensive prices, and to find the cheapest and most efficient way to deliver these toys to dental offices.

The dentists who are filling their office treasure boxes with Teri’s Toys are having the same positive results, and love the enthusiasm of their staff, their young patients, and their parents! Dental offices are excited that this unique treasure box is also a great marketing tool, as parents cannot help but share their kids' positive experiences at the dentist with others.

Teri’s Dental Office Toys is growing and expanding! The business has relocated to Utah with the retirement of her husband, and Teri is continuing to put her customers and their needs as top priority as she shares Teri’s Toys with dental offices throughout the U.S.

She welcomes your ideas and input, and thanks you for your continued support and inspiration!

Teri's Dental Office Toys