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Teri's Dental Office new Customer Toys Special Offer

New Customer 1st Order Specials

Regular Refill (50 toys)

$89.99 +half off shipping!


Save $5.00 with our

Large Refill (75 toys)

$124.99 +half off shipping!


Save $10.00 with our

Double Refill (100 toys)

$159.99 +half off shipping!


Please note:

Your first order of toy products will be the same mix of toys we currently ship in all our customer refill orders, however, by using these "Buy Now" buttons on this specials page you will receive the "New Customer Half Off Shipping on First Order " discount presented here.

Older Kids Mix Refills Available too.

Upon request, we will add additional items for older kids or young teens. Ideal for orthodontic office incentive plans.

Ophthalmology Office Special Offer

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