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We hope you have as much fun ordering these as your children will in getting them ... enjoy! To see examples of the kinds of toys in your order, look on the "What's New" page. To review our standard shipping and handling costs see S&H/AST information below.

Regular Refill of Toys

Regular Refill of Toys

(50 Toys)

Price: $89.99 +S&H/AST

A variety of 50 toys for boys and girls ages 3-12. An average of 20-25 different toys.


"Our kids love looking through our toy box! They have such a hard time deciding which toy they want. There are so many fun choices!"

Refill With Older Kids Mix of Toys

 Refill With Older Kids Mix of Toys

(50 Toys)

Price: $89.99 +S&H/AST

Regular refill of toys with a mix of items for older kids. Approx. 1/4 of the toys are for older children or early teens. Examples include calendars, sudoku or puzzle books, games, makeup, stickers, art or craft sets, watches, diaries, radios, cell phone and mp3 player headphones and accessories, photo frames, notebooks and school items, sports balls, water guns, pet toys, hair accessories, jewelry, small cameras, etc. etc. etc. This is an ideal refill for an orthodontic office incentive program!


"We actually switched to our dentist because my son's best friend goes to him, and my son wanted to "go to the dentist that gives out the good toys".

Large Refill of Toys

Large Refill of Toys

(75 Toys)

Price: $124.99 +S&H/AST

You are saving $5.00 when you order a large refill! A variety box of 75 toys, and a savings of $5. Usually 2-3 of each toy.


“Our staff uses the toy box as a great incentive for a positive appointment. They walk the kids by the toys on their way into the operatory, and you know where their mind is the whole appointment!”

Double Refill of Toys

Double Refill of Toys

(100 Toys)

Price: $159.99 +S&H/AST

You are saving $10.00 when you order a double refill! Save money and time with a double order of toys. Usually 4 of each toy in the order. Not only do you save $10, but you save on shipping that extra box also!


"We often let our young patients pick out their toy before their appointment, but give it to them when they are done. It gives them something to think about and look forward to!”

Custom Baskets of Toys

Custom Baskets of Toys

(25 Toys)

Price: $59.99 +S&H/AST

A variety basket of great premium toys customized to meet your needs. Save money, time and hassle. We work hard to find a variety that would be very hard for you duplicate, at a price you really can afford.


More info on Custom Toy Baskets

Shipping & Handling Charges

Shipping Charges *

* (These charges are for offices in Calif, Utah and Arizona. Please see note below)

  • Regular refill $12.99
  • Large refill $14.99
  • Double refill $16.99

Shipping Method: FedEx Ground

(Fed Ex increased their rates as of January, so unfortunately rates have gone up. I have not increased my charge for toys, and I am shipping in smaller boxes when needed, particularly to my East Coast customers, to help keep your costs down).

Fed Ex shipping charges to states East of Utah will likely be higher. Please text or email me for shipping charges prior to making payment on line, or place order by phone, email or text and I can give you the correct amount before you make payment. Thank you.

Special Note:

It is possible that some orders being shipped to remote areas or the East coast might incur slightly higher shipping. If shipping exceeds $2 more than the stated shipping price, we will just add it to the next bill.

AST: Applied Sales Tax

Only residents of Utah, USA

First Order Trial Pack of Toys * New customer

First Order Trial Pack of Toys  - New customer

(Free Trial Pack of Toys)

Still not sure?

We will send you a free trial pack of toys. We pay the shipping. No pressure or obligation. If your young patients like them, we can keep your Treasure Box filled!

You will receive a trial pack of several toys so you can get an idea of the kinds of items we are offering. This is just a sample. To see examples of the other kinds of toys in your order, look on the "What's New" page.

Some restrictions may apply. Limited time offer. One request only per dental office, please. We reserve the right to decline if request does not meet our special offer guidelines.

* Please note: This special offer is for our first time customers only and can be used for your first order, this offer replaces the new customer free shipping special offer on your first order, this offer can not be combined with any other specials or coupons.

Request Free Trial Pack of Toys Here!

For Interested New Customers Only Please

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You can also request the free trial pack of toys using your standard email service. Please be sure to include all the info we will need shown above to complete your request, within your email to us.


If your device does not have email button functions please copy and paste the following email address into your email to us:  webmail@terisdentalofficetoys.com

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