Customer Testimonial Reviews

"I never have trouble getting my kids to their dental appointments. They love that Toy Box"

~ Sally T., patient, 5 years

"Our dentist has a Treasure Box full of the greatest toys. My daughters can hardly wait to go to their dental appointments!"

~ Martha H., patient, 7 years

"My son's best friend always told him about the Toy Box at his dentist's office, and all of the great toys in it. My son asked me why our dentist didn't have one. I ended up switching dentists--It was worth it to have him excited to go."

~ Kelly F., patient 3 years

"My daughter sits so quietly during her appointment and is so cooperative. She knows she gets to go to the Treasure Box, if she is good!"

~ Joan S., patient 4 years

"Our other dentist used to give out stickers after our dental checkups. The kids couldn't believe their eyes when they saw what was in Dr. B's toy chest!!"

~ Joan S., patient 1 year

"That box of toys is definitely the hit of the office. The kids always leave happy. It sure makes our job easier!"

~ Becky D. Office Manager, 8 years

"The Treasure Box is one of our best marketing tools. The patients' last impression, when they leave the office with a toy, is such a positive one, and when they come back again, it's the first thing they remember... Kid's tell their friends... Parents tell their friends. You would not believe the referrals we get from having this Treasure Box in our office. It is worth its weight in gold!"

~ Dr. B., Dentist in Orange County, Calif., 28 years

"We have ordered toys from many different suppliers, and they are all pretty much the same. Trinkets or small cheap toys that the kids lose interest in quickly. Teri's toys are different. They are larger toys and there is such a great variety. We always look forward to getting a new order to see what new things they send!"

~ Cathy, dental assistant, 5 years

"My kids actually love going to the dentist! They bee-line for the toy box as soon as they're done with their appointment, and spend maybe 10 minutes trying to figure out which toy they want to pick!"

~ Sue T., patient 5 years

"It makes our job so much easier when the kids are happy to be here. The high point of their visit is the toy box, and its amazing how excited they get about choosing a toy when they are done."

~ Amy F., assistant, 7 years

"We actually switched to our dentist because my son's best friend goes to him, and my son wanted to "go to the dentist that gives out the good toys".

~ Marie J., patient, 2 yrs.

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