Why choose Teri's Dental Office Toys

7 reasons Teri's Dental Office Toys are unique and your best choice.

1. We do all the work!

No shopping for toys to meet your budget, or patient's needs.

2. You'll save $$$!

It will be hard for you to find a variety of toys like ours, for less money. Our toys retail at $2 - $14 or more.

3. You'll save time!

Hassle-free reorders. No more looking through catalogs and trying to decide what to order. Just one quick phone call and toys are on the way.

4. Great variety of unique dental office toys.

Toys to meet EVERYONE'S needs. Each toy is different. Each refill has new items.

5. Great customer service.

Free local delivery. Fast, reasonable shipping. Most orders ship in 1-2 days.

6. We welcome your requests.

We can adjust the number of toys in your order, or customize toys to meet your dental office's unique needs.

7. Our guarantee.

Our goal is to keep you happy. Any of Teri's dental office toys you don't like or that are not selected by your patients can be returned and exchanged. If you are not happy with the toys we send you, we will gladly take them back and return your payment.

Teri's Dental Office Toys